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AI Product Manager

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A profitable security company, based in Petah Tikva, is seeking a Product Manager. Perks & benefits include: Flexible hours & free health care options.

Job Responsibilities:
* Build the strategy and road-map of AI and risk based products so to drive a significant impact for our platform.
* Gather, specify, deeply analyze and prioritize market requirements for current and future products and markets, by conducting market research supported by interactions with stakeholders and customers.
* Build and integrate new AI services and technologies for areas such as fraud detection and biometrics. Manage the product life cycle.
* Evaluate competitors and the market: capability-oriented and emerging technologies.
* Build the product requirements documents, aligning with all the relevant stakeholders.
* Use metrics and quantitative analysis to gain insights and find new opportunities.
* Work with sales, marketing, other R&D depts. and support to achieve successful product buy-in; and to ensure the product is launched and supported across the company.
* Run beta and pilot programs with early-stage customers.
* Evangelize, educate and train the sales team, sales engineers and the support team.
* Constantly innovate and maintain product leadership in the market.

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מיומנויות נדרשות
  • 3+ years of product management professional experience in the area of enterprise cloud IT, security and/or mobile applications.
  • Experience in Identity and Access Management.
  • Experience in the payments industry.
  • Experience in fraud detection systems and risk intelligence.
  • Have a natural flair for UI & UX.
  • Proven ability to drive the business case analysis for new products and features.
  • Demonstrated success defining and launching excellent data driven and machine learning based products .
  • Demonstrated success in building high-performing, scalable, mission-critical applications.
  • Passion for delivering effective and elegant solution experiences to end users.
  • Have an "everything is possible" & "can do it" mentality.
  • Thrive under pressure, prioritize wisely, keep deadlines, and take responsibility.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and team management experience.
  • B.A/B.Sc. in Computer Science/Business or relevant. MBA - an advantage.
  • Willingness to travel.

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