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A successful fintech startup, based in Tel Aviv, is seeking a product manager.

Key responsibilities:
* Gather the business requirements from the company business owners and internal users, define roadmap, design and launch product features.
* Focus on the following product domains, including: Payments or Compliance or Blockchain.
* Serve as the primary point of contact for all aspects of your products domain.
* Design, manage and launch new features that are all about increasing user engagement and our competitive edge.
* Develop a detailed product roadmap based on the company's existing strategic plan, and manage all product milestones through agile workflow.
* Ensure that the engineering team, the testers, customer support and all people across the company know exactly where the product is, and where it is going.
* Work closely with Operation, Compliance and customer service departments to identify new product needs.
*Work closely with the Engineering team to build new features and make changes and improvements as needed.
* Ensure that the product adheres to the highest standards of usability and quality.
* Create required deliverables for all project lifecycle phases, including project schedules, scope documents, mockups, wireframes and requirements.
* Track and measure user engagement and analyze results - Leverage data to optimize critical flows and user paths in order to increase conversion rates and overall growth.
* Proactively seek out, track and remove barriers to completing a project.
* Drive people and projects through pure leadership and passion to the products you own.

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מיומנויות נדרשות
  • Ability to understand and take ownership of complex operational processes and business needs and translate them to simple, effective and scalable product solutions.
  • Experience in Data analysis and reporting systems.
  • Track record of launching things successfully, on time.
  • Strong written, verbal communication & presentation skills, including the ability to communicate between technical and non-technical personnel.
  • Great interpersonal relations and ability to collaborate with multiple functions.
  • General knowledge or experience with financial, billing, Back-office related products.
  • Have a proven ability to manage and follow up on multiple concurrent tasks and requests on tight deadlines.
  • Knowledge & passion for technology, design, mobile, social and online trends.
  • Familiar with project management procedures and methodology, especially requirements management, planning, scheduling and agile methodologies.

תגיות: Web Mobile Product Manager
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