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משרות UX & UI
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Web Developer

A young & profitable video startup, based in Hertzelia, is looking to hire a Web developer.
JB-22867 כל האזורים
עד 20 עובדים
לחץ לפרטים
מיומנויות נדרשות
  • 3+ years of experience in developing single page Web applications using HTML, CSS and JS.
  • Experience in localization and internationalization.
  • Experience with API'S integrations.
  • Excellent knowledge of JavaScript and modern frameworks and tools (Babel, WebPack, NPM etc.).
  • Familiarity with Bootstrap and CSS.
  • High proficiency in Facebook's React Framework along with Redux.
  • Great UX skills and aesthetic sensibility.
  • Working knowledge in Sketch and ability implement its assets to make a pixel perfect designs.
  • Experience in Agile development in a startup environment - an advantage.
  • Experience with a Video editing software - an advantage.
  • Mobile development experience - an advantage.

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Senior UI / UX Product Designer

A well-funded & rapidly-growing startup, led by experienced entrepreneurs, is looking to hire a senior UI / UX product designer, to join a strong developers team and be completely involved in all decision-making processes. The עוד...
JB-22845 כל האזורים
20 - 50 עובדים
לחץ לפרטים
מיומנויות נדרשות
  • 2-3 years of experience in designing a system.
  • Experience in collaborating closely with R&D.
  • High level of written and spoken English.
  • Excellent organizational skills & ability to prioritize and meet deadlines.
  • Great personality & social skills.
  • Positive attitude with a willingness to put aside ego for the sake of what's best for the team.
  • Ability to adapt, switch gears, and thrive in a fast-paced environment.

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UI Designer

A startup, led by experienced entrepreneurs and VC-backed, with an innovative technology that is revolutionizing customer service in financial institutions is looking for a UI designer. The offices are in Tel Aviv.
JB-22824 כל האזורים
50 - 200 עובדים
לחץ לפרטים
מיומנויות נדרשות
  • Relevant degree from one of the following: Bezalel, Wizo, Shenkar, HIT.
  • A strong & creative online portfolio, including Web and Mobile.
  • 1-3 years of experience in developing Web & Mobile application interfaces.
  • Experience with HTML & CSS at designer level - an advantage.
  • Excellent English level.
  • Problem-solver with a technical orientation and a good feel for functional user experience.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Ability to multi-task and work in a fast-paced environment.

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UI / UX Designer

לסטארטאפ צעיר וממומן היטב, המובל על-ידי מייסדים מנוסים, דרוש/ה מעצב/ת UI / UX.
JB-22717 כל האזורים
20 - 50 עובדים
לחץ לפרטים
מיומנויות נדרשות
  • תואר ראשון בעיצוב / תקשורת חזותית.
  • ניסיון בעולמות Web ו- Mobile - חובה.
  • הבנה חזקה של מתודולוגיות UX - חובה.
  • ניסיון בעיצוב פרויקטים של Web ו- Mobile.
  • ניסיון מוכח בפישוט מושגים מורכבים לתוך ממשק משתמש קל לשימוש.

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Senior Software Engineer & Algorithms Developer

A financially-stable startup, based in Rehovot, is looking to hire a senior Software engineer & algorithms developer, to join its innovative team.

Job Responsibilities:
* Developing and implementing algorithms for 3D model manipulation and 3D
JB-22443 כל האזורים
50 - 200 עובדים
לחץ לפרטים
מיומנויות נדרשות
  • At least 7 years of relevant experience - a must.
  • Experience at multidisciplinary companies (e.g. Orbotech, KLA, Applied Materials, Kodak, Indigo, Elbit) - preferred.
  • Experience in at least one of the following:
    - Computational geometry.
    - Algorithms development for 2D or 3D rendering engines.
    - Image acquisition and image processing.
    - Algorithms development of mechanical or optical calibration routines.
  • B.Sc. / BA in SW Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or Physics from a major university.
  • Excellent knowledge of C++ programming.
  • Good knowledge in multithreaded programming.
  • Fluent English.

  • 3D OpenGL.
  • Scripting language (preferably Python).
  • UI development.
  • Real-time / Embedded.
  • M.Sc. / MA in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Physics or Applied Mathematics.

  • Target start date: immediate.
  • Willingness to travel - up to 10% of time.

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UX/UI Engineer

An award-winning international company in the medical field is looking to hire an UX/UI Engineer.The offices are in Holon.
JB-22361 כל האזורים
50 - 200 עובדים
לחץ לפרטים
מיומנויות נדרשות
  • A degree in Human Factors, HCI, visual design, user research, interaction design or equivalent experience, supplemented by a thorough and current understanding of the best practices of the UX domain.
  • 4+ years of experience working on the design aspects of software and/or web-based applications. Must have portfolio of examples.
  • Experience working on medical software applications
  • Experience working in an Agile software development environment

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UX Expert

A global & profitable security company, based in Herzliya, is looking for an UX Expert.
JB-22256 המרכז
200+ עובדים
לחץ לפרטים
מיומנויות נדרשות
  • Minimum 4 years working in user experience in a software development/product company environment.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Design, User Experience or related field.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Excellent Technical understanding.
  • Ability to collaborate with designers, product managers, and developers.
  • In-depth knowledge of current user experience and design methodologies and tools.
  • Experience with Usability Testing and User Research.
  • Creative problem solving techniques to come up with innovative concepts.
  • A desire to work in a multitasking, fast-paced environment and to collaborate as a member of the product management team.

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Product Designer - UI/UX

A very successful startup that has revolutionized its field is looking for a passionate, creative UI/UX Designer. The offices are in Ramat Hachayal.

You will be involved in all development process aspects of the company's wide
JB-21910 המרכז
50 - 200 עובדים
לחץ לפרטים
מיומנויות נדרשות
  • At least 3 years of experience in Designing flows, experiences and UI for iOS, Android and web products.
  • Strong and proven Portfolio.
  • Highly creative and a problem solver.
  • High level of skills with Adobe software and Bohemian Coding sketchapp.
  • Ability to craft a basic prototype.
  • Ability to manage tasks according to set priorities, multi-task and meet deadlines.
  • High level of English, both verbal and written.
  • Able to listen and accept constructive feedback.
  • Eager to learn and evolve.

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