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Senior Software Developer

A well-established company in the healthcare field, based in Tel Aviv, is looking for a senior software developer.
JB-24202 המרכז
עד 20 עובדים
לחץ לפרטים
מיומנויות נדרשות
  • 5+ years of development experience in Backend Web development (Frontend experience - an advantage).
  • Experience in developing single page applications.
  • Experience with Java, Kotlin, Go, Scala, C#, Python and the like.
  • Experience with React.js (Vue.js - an advantage).
  • Experience with Linux, Docker and AWS Cloud.
  • Experience with Git.

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Full Stack Team Leader

A profitable BI company, based in Tel Aviv, is looking to hire a Full Stack team leader. The company has won international Best Workplace awards.

Main Responsibilities:
* Work closely with product manager and engineers to implement
JB-24087 המרכז
50 - 200 עובדים
לחץ לפרטים
מיומנויות נדרשות
  • B.Sc / M.Sc in Computer Science or Mamram graduate.
  • 4+ years of experience in software development.
  • 3+ years of experience in Backend development - Java, Ruby, Python, Node.js etc.
  • Experience in working with SQL / NoSQL.
  • Experience in working in Linux environment.
  • In-depth experience in developing Web / Mobile-based applications - an advantage.
  • Scala or Clojure experience - an advantage.
  • Thorough knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, Angular - an advantage.

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Senior Infrastructure Developer

A profitable startup in the field of consumer tools, that takes very good care of its employees, is seeking a senior infrastructure developer. The company works with Amazon and Ebay. The offices are in Ramat עוד...
JB-24137 המרכז
50 - 200 עובדים
לחץ לפרטים
מיומנויות נדרשות
  • B.Sc in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.
  • 5+ years of experience in Java / Scala server-side development, including Cloud services (preferably AWS).
  • Deep knowledge and experience with data pipeline and data processing technologies like Spark and Kafka.
  • Solid experience in building high scale distributed systems and infrastructures from scratch to production - specifically, building and maintaining HPC (High performance computing) systems.
  • Experience in Python development and integration with machine learning technologies.
  • Experience in commercial software development, including all stages of the software development lifecycle.
  • Ecellent English communication skills - spoken and written.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Self-starter, fast learner, can-do attitude and has great interpersonal skills.
  • Passion for training and mentoring others, sharing and spreading your knowledge around.

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Senior Big Data Engineer

A very well-funded BI startup, based in Tel Aviv, is looking fo hire a senior Big Data engineer. Perks & benefits include a fully-stocked healthy kitchen, and a subsidized pass to a gym right next עוד...
JB-24102 המרכז
עד 20 עובדים
לחץ לפרטים
מיומנויות נדרשות
  • Experience in planning and building scalable real-time data systems.
  • Experience with Java / Kotlin / Python / Scala or similar.
  • Well-founded in data-structures and analytical problem-solving.
  • A fast -earner with a "Can DO!" attitude.

  • Experience in building microservice based architecture.
  • Expertise in Amazon Web Services ecosystem.
  • Experience with ElasticSearch or other search engine technologies.
  • Familiarity with building microservices using DropWizard, Spring Boot, Vert.x or similar.
  • Experience with Spark, Flink or other distributed processing technology stacks.
  • B.Sc or M.Sc in Computer Science / Engineering / Bioinformatics, or equivalent.
  • Hands-on experience with MySQL or PostgreSQL.
  • Knowledge with DynamoDB, Cassandra, MongoDB or other NoSQL databases.
  • Self-taught from Coursera, Khan Academy, edX or others.

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Tech Leader / Scrum Master

A well-funded cyber security startup, based in Tel Aviv, is seeking a tech leader / Scrum master.

* Leading an experienced development teams who develop our next generation hybrid-Cloud & multi-clouds security, policy and access
JB-24078 השרון
20 - 50 עובדים
לחץ לפרטים
מיומנויות נדרשות
  • 5+ years of experience as a software developer.
  • 1+ years of team leadership experience as a Scrum Master / Team Leader / Tech lead.
  • Employee traninig experience.
  • Experience in using Java / NodeJS/ C / C++ programming languages.
  • Leadership Skills, strong oral and written communication skills & motivational skills.
  • Results-oriented, self-motivated.

  • Experience in using Python programming language.
  • Experience in working on large scale deployments on AWS.
  • Network and Security experience.
  • Experience as a Full Stack developer.

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Senior Developer

A young & well-funded e-commerce startup is seeking a senior developer. The offices are in Tel Aviv.
JB-23399 המרכז
עד 20 עובדים
לחץ לפרטים
מיומנויות נדרשות
  • A relevant degree or equivalent army experience.
  • 5+ years of development experience.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Management experience - an advantage.

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Senior Data Engineer

A successful & financially stable e-commerce startup is looking for a senior Data engineer. The offices are located in Ramat Gan.
JB-24045 המרכז
50 - 200 עובדים
לחץ לפרטים
מיומנויות נדרשות
  • 5+ years of experience with Python / Scala / Node.js or any other functional programming languages.
  • Proven experience in developing, testing, and maintaining ETL / ELT processes.
  • Experience in working with Spark.
  • Experience with the Hadoop ecosystem (HDFS, Yarn, etc.)

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Senior Full Stack Developer

A young & profitable machine learning startup, led by successful entrepreneurs, that has developed an innovative marketing platform, is seeking a senior Full Stack developer. The offices are in Tel Aviv (near the train station).
JB-23973 המרכז
עד 20 עובדים
לחץ לפרטים
מיומנויות נדרשות
  • B.Sc or M.S in Computer Science or a related engineering discipline.
  • 5+ years of experience with Backend & Frontend frameworks.
  • 5+ years of programming experience in React JS and Java / Python / C#.
  • Ability to work well with a group of senior engineers in a dynamic, fast-paced environment.

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